Self Help

How can YOU help?

Your co-operation is needed. Here are some ways in which you can help:-
Have healing regularly
Have an open, expectant mind.
Do not be over-anxious for early results. Wait patiently and in confidence for them to appear.

Realise that very often health or illness depend on the mind. Your thoughts can either help or hinder the smooth working of your body. If you have any old grievances, guilt complexes, resentments, fears or other harmful emotions, they can well be the cause of ill-health. Try to get rid of them.
Forgive those who have upset you. Accept your circumstances without resentment. If you have problems of this nature, discuss them with your healer.

Practice “Self-healing”. Sit quietly and visualise a beautiful white healing light entering the top of your head, spreading throughout your body down to your feet. Imagine roots from the soles of your feet going down to the centre of the earth and tying to something solid. Grounding yourself is very important at all times. Tell yourself you are feeling better.
These steps will help to bring about the positive frame of mind that is essential for real health.

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