Friends Meeting House, Whitefield
Road, New Milton, Hants. BH25 6DF
Tel. 01425 619933

About Us

We have a dedicated team of 8 qualified Healers. We all play our part in deciding how the group should run, and we like to feel that we operate on a joyful, loving vibration that impacts on our clients.

Great attention is given to reception so clients feel welcome and comfortable. It can be daunting walking into a largish room not knowing what to expect, especially if you have never had a healing before and perhaps do not know much about it.

We offer healing in rooms which give as much privacy as possible for our clients. Our healing is done in the Meeting Room and our Reception is in the Library. Clients can wait in a peaceful atmosphere before having the healing.

We have an article in Focus in the New Milton area every other month; our dates are printed in the Milford Directory and New Forest Post. This has brought in many new clients and thus we hope to raise the profile of healing awareness in our community and we feel very privileged to be able to serve in this way.

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